Jee Ve Sohneya Jee (Punjabi) (HD)

2024 2h 21m

Intricately woven cross-border love story between Ali, a UK delivery agent pursuing his travel dream and Meher, a student aiming for solo travel in her Magic Bus. Destiny weaves their story until a web of cross-border lies complicates their journey, leading to consequences that Ali must bear. As the narrative rights itself, unforeseen twists reshape their lives, unfolding a heartfelt tale of love and resilience amidst life's unexpected turns.

Director: Deepak Thaper, Nasir Zaman

Genre: Punjabi, Romance

Cast: Chetan Mohture, Imran Abbas, Ketabchi Ash, Lee Nicholas Harris, Ravi Multani, Simi Chahal, Udaya Vakati Suriyanarayana

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